Perşembe, Ağustos 24, 2017

MAANGE 4 Pcs Nylon Oval Makeup Brushes Set - Black

Hi everybody,

I have loved brushes since I had a blog, priorly, I never knew anything which brush use for eyes or cheeks. I bought  MAANGE 4 Pcs Nylon Oval Makeup Brushes Set - Black .I love them. And please check the orange watches

Brushes all are flexible . 

1- Big Oval Brush: I will use for foundation.

2- Second big one : I will use for foundation& mask

3- Third : I will use for conturing 

4- Fourth: I will use it for eyeshadows .

5- They are black and nylon . 

6- Hair are so soft 

7- They all fit into my bag. 

They are so chic and cheap. I have used since I took them :) 

You're welcome to try 


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  1. En sevdiğim kaşık fırçalar ve ben de baya aldım bunlardan ...