Çarşamba, Ekim 18, 2017

Halloween Wishlist &Rosegall

Hi everybody,

Halloween has nearly come, 31.10.2017. Rosegall's categories for Halloween are so amazing :) I made a wishlist for Halloween that you can find them on Rosegall :) 

The first one is 
Halloween Pumpkin Lantern Print Swing Dress - Orange Yellow - Xl : It is so funny. Pumpkin patterned dress is amazing.

The second one is: 

 Long Sleeve Bat Print Swing Halloween Dress - Dark Grey - 2xl : It is gorgeous :) I like bats, we can see them in nights :) It is so fashionable also :) 

The third one 

Halloween Teeth Pattern Sofa Cushion Linen Pillow Case - Black : It it so fantastic for house :) In my opinion you will smile in Halloween night :) 

Do you like them ? 

Have a nice, amazing Halloween night :)



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