Perşembe, Aralık 21, 2017

Last Gamiss Shopping :)

Hi everybody, 

How do you today? I was busy today, lots of jobs have done by me :)

 So I am writing this review at the moment. 

Today, I show you my last Gamiss shopping :) 

Gamiss concerns lots of backpacks. I have chosen 2 of them :)


Buckle Straps Flap Canvas Backpack - Deep Blue : It is new in my cabinet. It is appropriate in winter. People who read my blog know that I like walking in weekend, I like going to shop, I like going to cinemas, eating whatever I want . I have bought this bag for carrying my books, water, drinks etc. I love it because it is excellent, qualified. I will use for vacation too :) 


Cute Owl Pattern and Cover Design Satchel For Women - Black : You know that I like backpacks. They are useful, practical. I can carry lots of things. It is appropriate in winter too. It is so cute, nice, fashionable. It clashes with my track suit also. It clashes with my best trousers, tshirts. You know that black clashes whatever you wear:)  Unfortunalety it is sold out in Gamiss. 

I think , you all like these bags.

Come on, please wait a new article



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