Pazartesi, Ocak 01, 2018

Last Shopping - Rosegall

Hi everybody,

Have a nice day :) and happy new year. I am so busy than now I have a tea and my computer accompanies :) 

Today I have shown you my last Rosegall shopping. 

Let's start and read my review :) 

Colour Block Flower Pattern Canvas Backpack - Light Green : I have bought it for my courses lessons. We have lots of books and notebooks which we have to carry on weekends. It is chic, fashionable, usefull. In my opinion, you will buy this set. Bags colour is createfull. All teenagers may love it, what do you think about them? 


You have known that I love makeup brushes. 

8Pcs Multifunction Honeycomb Handle Design Makeup Brushes Set - Rose Gold :  They are so chic and unique. They are softy, usefull, fashionable. They are also cute.  I have used since it came to me. They can blend foundation easily. They are qualified. 

I will continue to write a new article.

Please pursue me :)

Thanks for reading



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  1. Fırça setinin benzerini almıştım ben de, gayet iyi çıktı.
    Güzel günlerde kullan Kübracım ;)