Pazar, Şubat 25, 2018

MakeUp Brush Wishlist

Hi everybody.

What did you do in weekend. I was so busy. I went offices then went to my aunt's house. 

I was jogging, studying a lot.

I can write a new article now :)

Today I'll show you a new site, Romwe, which concerns lots of things

I have made a new makeup brush wishlist :) 

1-  Black 5PCS Oval Makeup Brush Set: What you think about these brushes? These are useful, cheap and brilliant. 

these are so soft, you can use them for foundation, concealer, powder. ı will buy them

2- Black And Gold Eyeshadow Brush 12PCS: They are so soft again. It will clashes whatever you use. Eyeshadow, concealer. They are useful, elegant, powerfull. Please really search them. 

3-  Contrast Makeup Brush Set : These brushes are perfect and i love the colour. I do recommend this to you guys. They are so chic. You can use them when you use powder, highlighter, eyeshadows. There are 12 brushes for making up. I recommend them. 

People who are reading my blog knows that I love brushes. I have lots of brushes. This subject seems to be a collection :) 

Do you like my suggestions? What do you think about it? 

Do you like brushes?

Where do you buy brushes?

Do you know all make up brushes?

Do you know these brushes?

Do you know which brush you should where?

Thanks a lot for reading.

See you again



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