Cuma, Mart 23, 2018

Shopping& Tosave

Hi everybody,

How do you do? 

What are u doing ? 

Today, I show you my last shopping on Tosave. Do you know Tosave? Tosave contains lots of things, that I have taken 3 of them. 

First one is for walking: women hooded sweatshirt : It is specific for Ankara :) It is so sportive, so fashionable. I have chosen grey :) What do you think about it? 

Second one is these chic brushes:) You know I will want all of brushes all over the world :)

7 pcs makeup brush : They are so fashionable, colourfull, useful, cheerfull . They are for powder, for foundation and for eyeshadows. 

Third one is a brush also :) blush brush 

I have had it for my blushes:) You know that I like making up and using kind of these brushes.  

I love blushes.  This brush is so soft. It is qualified, marvelous. What do u think about this brush? Will you buy it ? 

I have shown my shopping. I like these products. 

What you think about them? Do you like them? 

Thanks for reading :)



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