Pazar, Mayıs 29, 2022


 Hi everybody! 

How are you today? We had so sad winter. Summer is coming,we are happy with sun,big smiles, white big clouds,big dreams.We were busy last winter with virus and it will be ended and vacation will be come. As you now that I love writing my blog, I love searching on Internet. For summer I want to find new clothes for my body. You know that all women want to be so elegance, so cute and so beautiful. Our bodies are important for us and finally I have founded new ones for instance I am starting to explain a new site, Populish.

Populish is a site which is charming,inspired and appropriate for all shapes of women.Populish's motto is "women love about their bodies"  All prices is well priced. I want to show two examples of this site which are special for me. First of all "Strech Yourself Legging" which is perfect for me,I really like it. It is fit for running. This legging have sizes and you can find your proper size. I love its colour also,black is proper for all dress. It is so chic,isn't it ? :)

"Stretch Yourself Seamless Sports Bra",is perfect. I love it when I see. It is so comfortable,usefull and adjustable shoulder straps. This bra is soft, I can use it for running,for example. Only this bra is enough for doing sports.

Let's continue with slimming bodysuits and shaper shorts. Populish contains two of them. First of all, bodysuits give us to feel better. They control our body and also we can breathe easily. These bodysuits are so soft,and have adjustable shoulder straps. I want to show you one of them: Hourglass High Back Open Gusset Bodysuit U-Shaper

Let's move on with shorts. Also Populish contains lots of different perfect shorts. These shorts is usefull when you wear trousers and dresses. These shorts can control our tummy,thus you can choose them for dates with friends. You can become so slim,presumably your friends like you much. Please don't forget,these shorts are safe for environment and recyclable. I want to show one of them : In Control Hooked Thigh Shorts 

Populish respects our body! Populish makes us to love this life!  Do you like Populish? Do you search anything? Please give me the details about your opinion!

Thanks for reading this post.



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